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In an effort to bring attention to cancer, the church in Pocahontas is participating in No-Shave November



Little Rock, Arkansas – One church is utilizing “No Shave November” to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer research.

The Pocahontas resident and Sutton Free Will Baptist Church regular Raul Blansini beat cancer 26 years ago. Donations to the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation have been his focus every November for the past nine years.

He had a sense of obligation to make good after the war.

“The Lord gave me the opportunity to educate people about prostate cancer,” said Blansini.

After hearing the news, he could think of no one but his daughter.

According to Blansini, there has been a shift in the way people are made aware of prostate cancer since he was first diagnosed.

“We have an open door, and we support the people that come in and need support or help, so we help them the best we can,” said Blansini.

Kevin Barnett, a pastor, fought the illness for a while.

Barnett offers one piece of advice for the struggle after hearing about the diagnosis of his father and other members of the congregation.

“You got to be willing to open up and talk about it,” Barnett said. “I know that’s tough for some.”

“These young people have family members with cancer, and they need to be at least 35 years and up, to go get a check-up,” said Blansini.

The Church has successfully raised over $1,200 for the Arkansas Prostate Cancer Foundation through donations.

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