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In response to a funding crunch, a youth ministry donates feminine hygiene items to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Ambassadors For Christ Youth Ministries graciously provided feminine hygiene items to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office for use in the Adult Detention Center after the Jefferson County Sheriff expressed frustration about funds for menstrual hygiene products.

Due to a shortage of funding, Sheriff Lafayette Woods, Jr. revealed in a press statement on Tuesday that he personally purchases sanitary items for inmates at the Jack Jones Juvenile Justice Center and the W.C. “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center.

According to the press release, the “Menstrual Equity For All Act of 2019” mandates that all prisoners and detainees in the state have immediate access to menstrual hygiene products at no cost to them.

The law also guarantees that no visitor would be denied access to a prisoner because they use feminine hygiene products. Grant money for the upcoming fiscal year could be cut by 20% if the “Menstrual Equity For All Act of 2019″‘s requirements are not followed.

Woods asserts that JCSO’s usage of the Simmons Corporate credit card supplied by the agency is no longer permitted because it has been suspended for non-payment. A financial burden weighs down on Woods and JCSO because they can’t use the credit card for what it was intended for.

“The situation has arisen due to the repeated refusal of County Judge Gerald Robinson and his Chief of Staff, Rosetta Giddens, to process invoices for vendors who have been customarily utilized by my agency for decades,” Sheriff Woods said. “It is with grave concern that I bring it to the attention of the public, as I am deeply frustrated to find myself in the position of having to fund essential menstrual hygiene products for female detainees from my personal bank account in the hope of eventual reimbursement.”

Shanta Rice, the senior project manager for Ambassadors For Christ Youth Ministries, phoned their office after reporting the issue brought on by the rejected claims.

According to a news statement, Rice conveyed how deeply concerned their organization was about the issue and offered to donate.

According to the sheriff’s office, Rice set to work right once to arrange for the delivery of a sizable quantity of feminine hygiene items to the female inmates housed at the W.C. “Dub” Brassell Detention Center.

“Mrs. Rice and the Ambassadors For Christ organization’s willingness to assist us after having realized the immediate need underscores the strong presence of cooperation and community engagement of issues that matters most,” said Sheriff Woods. “We extend a most heart felt ‘Thank You’ for their support.”

The JCSO reported that numerous additional people made similar promises and called their office. Sooner donations are anticipated, they said.


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