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Increased number of hospitalized pregnant women due to Covid-19 in Little Rock, report



Little Rock, Arkansas – The number of hospitalized pregnant women as a result of Covid-19 is increasing lately in Little Rock hospitals, officials say.

According to Dr. Cam Patterson with UAMS, more than 20% of the hospitalized Covid-19 cases are pregnant women.

“They have not been spared,” UAMS Obstetrician/Gynecologist Dr. William Greenfield said.

She added that the issue with the number of hospitalized pregnant women is still stable at this point, but she is afraid by the fact that pregnant women are experiencing worse symptoms compared to other patients.

“They’re at more risk for having pregnancy complications, pre-term deliveries, they’re at increased risk for having requirements for mechanical ventilation,” Dr. Greenfield said.

He said the main reason symptoms are worse is because of how the baby lays in the mother’s womb, which in any circumstance puts pressure on the expecting mother’s lungs.

“When you put [COVID] on top of this, this condition that makes it a little more strenuous for the patient,” Dr. Greenfield said.

Non-vaccinated pregnant women in general should be more cautious when it comes to Covid-19. Health officials say they should wear masks despite the fact they are not mandatory.

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