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Inflation affecting Little Rock Compassion Center while looking forward to the holidays



Little Rock, Arkansas – Many people enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner and time with family and friends, but some people have cut back on their expenditures due to rising consumer prices.

As family and friends assemble to share a meal, plates of food are set out and people fill the space.

“As of right now we’ve fed 470 and we are shooting for 700 today,” said CEO at the Little Rock Compassion Center, William Holloway.

However, places like the compassion center are feeling the effects of inflation.

They received about 200 turkey donations, which is 100 fewer than in previous years.

“We usually get around 300, but this year for some reason, I guess because of the cost of turkeys and everything it is a little slower,” said Holloway.

The USDA reports that the cost of fresh turkey has increased by 6.5% since last year, while the cost of frozen turkey has increased by 4.7%.

As the days till Christmas grow shorter, “retailers are aware that consumers only have so much to spend,” said smart shopping expert, Trae Bodge.

“It has come down to a point of this, can I afford my car payment, can I afford to rent, can I afford something to eat,” said Holloway.

Christmas is only one month away, so the future is uncertain, but William Holloway expressed optimism that donations will continue.

So that they can keep sharing holiday cheer. “We are going to have to have a lot of food because for thanksgiving we put out about 15 tons of food,” stated Holloway.

The Compassion Center is in critical need of donations to assist families in need; given how chilly it is outside, they especially need heavy coats.

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