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Jacob Oliva, the education commissioner for the division of elementary and secondary education in Arkansas



Little Rock, Arkansas – Jacob Oliva, the secretary of education for Arkansas, is now responsible for another position in the Natural State’s educational system.

Thursday saw the appointment of Oliva as the commissioner of the Arkansas Department of Education’s Division of Elementary and Secondary Education.

He currently holds the twin positions of commissioner and cabinet secretary. Oliva was chosen by Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders to head the Department of Education, and he started in that capacity on January 10.

Jacob Oliva, secretary of education, pledges a “100%” dedication to Arkansas’s public schools.

He was chosen by the department’s board, according to a news release from the department of education. According to a spokeswoman, his selection was based on his background as a teacher and educational administrator.

“Mr. Oliva’s experience as a teacher, administrator, and department leader is quite impressive,” State Board Chair Ouida Newton said. “His dedication to student learning is evident in his leadership and efforts to implement successful programs and initiatives that support learning.”

Oliva served as the Florida Department of Education’s temporary commissioner prior to joining the Sanders administration. While there, he managed the passage of parental rights law, sometimes known as “Don’t say gay” legislation, which prohibited schools from teaching about gender identity.

Sanders stated her intention to be known as an “education governor” in her inauguration speech on Jan. 10. Since taking office, she has signed two executive orders with a focus on education, one of which was done the day she was elected governor.

A significant component of the governor’s education reform has been the promotion of parental choice legislation.

During this legislative session, significant education-related legislation is anticipated. Sanders laid the foundation for an omnibus education package with an executive order she issued on January 11, her ninth birthday.

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