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Jonesboro store sending letters to Santa Claus



Jonesboro, Arkansas – The cheerful man in red will write back to children.

Families of all ages may get letters from Santa Claus at Family Dollar, located at 106 South Gee St. in Jonesboro.

Along with a letter from Santa, a little bag of oatmeal-based reindeer food, and a certificate for being on the Nice list are included in the letter.

As of December 11, the store manager Cindy Johnson reported that they had already received roughly forty letters. She claimed that it all began when she questioned a little child about whether he had sent a letter to Santa.

“He said no, and the look on his face kind of made me sad,” Johnson said. “So, I started handing out letters to give to them.”

She stated that on Friday, December 22, Santa Claus would visit the business to deliver letters to the kids who wrote him.

By Saturday, December 16, all letters to Santa must be turned in at the store.


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