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Junior Achievement of Arkansas brings economics lessons to Little Rock elementary students



Little Rock, Arkansas – Junior Achievement of Arkansas, a Little Rock group, and U.S. Bank collaborated to hold a financial literacy event at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School.

The JA in a Day event’s main goal was to instill in kids the value of saving money, purchasing a home, and making wise decisions in life.

Lenny McNeill, vice president of U.S. Bank, said that providing pupils with this learning opportunity will help them in the future.

“If we can introduce this type of information with the help of the Junior Achievement, we have a way in which we can get to these young people very early,” he said. “So then they’re not new to this and as they begin to grow and mature it becomes normal.”

A whole JA program, made up of five or more lessons, was covered during JA in a Day. Additionally, the curriculum complies with common core state standards.

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