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Just before the total solar eclipse, Governor Sanders releases $100,000 from the Response and Recovery Fund



Little Rock, Arkansas — In advance of the complete solar eclipse on Friday, Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders of Arkansas issued a proclamation of emergency and disbursed $100,000 from the Response and Recovery Fund.

“Out of an abundance of caution, I’ve directed funds to be released from the Response and Recovery Fund ahead of the Great American Eclipse,” Sanders said. “This will assist commercial carriers in transporting essential items to customers in Arkansas during the eclipse. We want to make sure Arkansans and all visitors have an enjoyable experience and come back again.”

Travelers are anticipated to flood Arkansas, which is in the path of totality, on April 8th, the day of the total solar eclipse.

According to Sanders, the state’s travel-related conditions may cause a backlog in the deliveries made by commercial trucks carrying necessities for business to clients.

The historic event is expected to draw between 300,000 and 1.5 million visitors, according to the Arkansas Department of Transportation.

They stated that the greatest traffic is anticipated to be on Interstates 40, 49, and 65 in the Little Rock metro region, which leads to northwest Arkansas. Traffic backups might last for five to seven hours.

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