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Lawsuit claims that the Pike County prosecutor did not report the child rape crimes that occurred



Pike County, Arkansas – A child rape case has been brought against a prosecutor in Pike County, and the case is the focus of the lawsuit that has been filed against her.

It’s possible that you recall the Barry Walker case. He is a man from Glenwood who was found guilty of raping more than 30 children in the month of October. As a direct consequence of his actions, he will spend the rest of his life imprisoned.

David Carter, a local attorney in Texarkana, claimed that Jana Bradford has a connection to Barry Walker. Pike County, where she lives, appoints her as the prosecuting attorney for the 9th District West.

In a civil lawsuit, Carter is representing 11 of Walker’s victims, and the lawsuit accuses several people of covering up Walker’s crimes for decades. Carter is filing the lawsuit on behalf of Walker’s victims.

“In this particular case, Mr. Walker may be the most prolific child rapist in Arkansas history,” Carter said. “It’s just devastating in terms of the effects this has on children.”

Carter identifies Bradford in the lawsuit as a person who not only did not report the crimes but also assisted in covering them up.

“We named Mrs. Bradford not because she is a prosecuting attorney, but because she is someone who – within that inner circle – either knew or should have known that this abuse was going on,” Carter said.

The allegations made against Bradford date back to the time when she worked as an assistant prosecutor several decades ago.

“Our complaint addresses the 2004 attempt to have Mr. Walker pardoned after his first conviction of sexually assaulting an eight-year-old girl,” Carter said. “Later, that petition was filed in 2018 or so asking that Mr. Walker be removed from the sex offender registry which he had been on since 2000.”

The courts never got around to making a decision regarding that petition.

Since that initial conviction, Walker has been found guilty of the rape of over 30 additional children on multiple occasions.

This week, we made multiple attempts to get a comment from Bradford’s office, but we did not receive a response from them.

If we do receive a response, we will make an adjustment to the story.

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