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Little Rock adding 64 fully accessible housing units for those who are wheelchair-bound



Little Rock, Arkansas – A series of fully accessible units set to pop up across Little Rock for those who are wheelchair-bound or can’t easily get around.

“Universal Living” project is the brainchild of Apple Castle Homes, the City of Little Rock, and Springer and Springer LLC – who have teamed up to create 64 universally accessible units throughout the city using lots from the city’s Land Bank.

From low loading washers and driers to handles designed for anyone to open, every detail has been thought of.

The first duplex in the project is now ready for tenants to move in on South Cedar Street, a game-changer for many Arkansans who are used to making do with “accessible” housing options that aren’t fully built for those in a wheelchair.

The project already has a waiting list of interested clients looking to be comfortable in their homes without the barriers seen in many other housing choices.

In order to celebrate the first success Friday afternoon during an open house, sharing plans for more units to come, city leaders, developers, and advocates joined in.

The next building project will happen in one week.


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