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Little Rock Compassion Center feeling effects of inflation based on donations received for Thanksgiving



Little Rock, Arkansas – People are preparing to start cooking those turkeys in anticipation of Thanksgiving, which is just around the corner.

However, because food is so expensive, stores like the Little Rock Compassion Center have a lot more empty shelves than usual.

“This is the first time I have ever seen it this low like this,” Little Rock Compassion Center CEO William Holloway said.

In the past, once-packed shelves now appear to be empty.

“We are down about 2/3 of what we have been in years past,” Holloway said.

Although gifts have started to flow in, according to William Holloway, the exorbitant cost of food still makes it difficult.

“A lot of families that donated last year is unable to donate this year for one reason or another because of the food and trying to feed themselves,” Holloway said.

When it comes to donations for turkeys, Holloway said.

“Right now we have only got approximately 40 turkeys in, where usually this time of year we have 70-80 turkeys in or more,” Holloway stated.

Meaning some big shifts. “We can only supply or feed what we’ve got coming in, that’s just all we can afford to do,” and “if we don’t get any more turkeys in than what we have been getting in, then we will have to just stay to the meal here at the compassion center, we won’t be able to pass out any turkeys to any families that come in, except for the ones we have prepared here for ourselves,” Holloway stated.

The weekend of Thanksgiving is expected to draw close to 600 visitors per day, according to Holloway, who really hopes that individuals in attendance will find it in their hearts to contribute and feed those in need if they have spare money.

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