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Little Rock pharmacies start administering booster shot aimed at targeting Omicron Variant



Little Rock, Arkansas – In order to fight against the Omicron Variant, pharmacies in Little Rock are already booking appointments for the new covid-19 booster shot. “It’s been a busy day and it’s going to be a week,” said Kavanaugh Pharmacy owner Anne Pace.

According to Pace, the pharmacy started booking appointments Saturday in anticipation of Tuesday’s rollout. “We got a lot of questions like, when are we going to get it? When is it going to be available? And should I get it or not?” said Pace.

According to the FDA and CDC, the new booster is supposed to target all strains with a specific emphasis on the Omicron Variant. “If it works like we hope it will, we may not only get protection from hospitalization and death but maybe even improve protection from just being infected in general,” said Dr. Joel Tumlison with the Arkansas Department of Health.

According to the Arkansas Department of Health, the Omicron Variant makes up around 88 percent of covid-19 cases nationwide. “It’s certainly not letting up,” said Pace.

According to Pace, the demand for the vaccine is high.

Tuesday, the pharmacy had 100 appointments booked for the day. “That doesn’t count those people that will walk in,” said Pace.

She’s anticipating a busy month at her pharmacy and others across town as the booster becomes more available, Pace said.

She is advising patients to use patience and make an appointment in advance to streamline the process. The vaccine is expected to be in most pharmacies by the end of the week. Right now, it’s only approved for people 12 and up. Health leaders suggest getting it two months after your last shot or last infection.


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