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Little Rock woman fights a moving firm over misplaced piano parts and broken keepsakes



Little Rock, Arkansas – Moving across multiple states came at a cost, according to a woman who is currently residing in Little Rock, as her moving company did not perform the tasks for which she paid.

According to Patricia Tull, moving with American Van Lines cost a total of $14,000, of which $7,000 was paid up front.

She claimed that before unloading her items, they requested for the second half when they came.

“Upon arrival and satisfactory delivery I was to pay for the remaining amount,” said Tull. “He told me I would not get my furniture unless I paid him in full right then and there.”

Tull claimed that although she had paid the amount, numerous items, including irreplaceable heirlooms, had been dented and destroyed.

She claimed that until she got a call later, parts of her Yamaha Baby Grand Piano were missing.

“They had found the parts of the piano on his truck and were shipping them back,” said Tull. “I was told in another conversation that they had shipped the parts to the company that they had contracted with to set the piano up.”

Tull claimed that after contacting them several times, they promised to send someone to assemble the piano, but days have passed and she has not received an update on their arrival time.

According to an American Van Lines official, Tull needs to fill out documents in order to be reimbursed for the damages.

Additionally, the representative informs us that while they are currently trying to arrange for someone to come rebuild the piano, they are unable to provide us with a date just yet.

For Tull, they are more than just objects.

Tull claimed that this piano is irreplaceable, having chosen it with her late husband.

“You could buy me another 10 pianos but I don’t want another 10 pianos,” said Tull. “This is something my husband bought for me. It is something that is very dear to me.”
Tull claimed she paid an additional thousand dollars for contents insurance, but as of right now, she hasn’t received the paperwork necessary for compensation.
The business stated that Tull ought to get financial reimbursement for her losses after completing the forms they have given her.



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