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Little Rock’s mayor responding to Friday’s shooting of a city employee



Little Rock, Arkansas – An employee of Little Rock City was shot while at work on Monday morning, and is now in the hospital.

The victim, who worked for the city’s Department of Housing and Neighborhood Programs, is reportedly in critical condition, according to Little Rock Police.

We tried to gather responses from many officials by contacting the mayor, city managers, and police.

A neighbor sees the shooting’s aftermath after a Little Rock municipal employee.

Only Mayor Frank Scott Jr. delivered a statement, with no police appearing on television.

“All of us at the City of Little Rock are both shocked and saddened to learn that a colleague was critically injured in a shooting today. Two employees of the Department of Housing and Neighborhood Programs were in a city pickup truck, working in the area of Charles Bussey and Elm when the vehicle was struck by gunfire and one employee was hit.
It’s impossible for me to adequately express my frustration and anger at this senseless gun violence in which a city employee was seriously hurt. This public servant is a member of a team assigned to special projects intended to improve the quality of life throughout Little Rock. He was doing nothing more than his job this morning when he became a victim of a gun crime.
There are too many guns on our streets and too many people who incorrectly think violence is the way to solve a problem. We must unite to find new and better solutions to address this scourge of gun crime impacting our city.
I am praying for a swift and full recovery for our city employee. I know LRPD is doing everything possible to identify those responsible for this crime.” – Frank Scott Jr.

The city director, Virgil Miller, who represents ward one people near the scene of the shooting involving a city employee, would not answer our calls.

Vice Mayor Lance Hines said that before he could respond, he required additional details.