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Local priest publishes book about Father Deficiency



North Little Rock, Arkansas – Several studies and data demonstrate how having a father who is not involved in the home can negatively impact children.

According to a local clergyman by the name of Frank Stewart, this dilemma is at the root of many of society’s issues with crime and violence.

He is hoping that individuals may finally find the help they’ve been looking for thanks to his book, “Father Deficiency.”

According to Stewart, a labor of love and anguish produces the vitamin that America needs the most.

“It’s not something that I just wrote. This is something that I went and observed and then wrote from my observation. This is something that I have lived every day of my life.”

At Acts Ministries in Conway and North Little Rock, Stewart serves as senior pastor.

He claims that the death of his father before he was even born had an impact on every aspect of his life.

“I remember crying on Father’s Day. I shed tears about the death of my father. It was about 35 years after his death. It was my first time to become emotional on Father’s Day because he wasn’t there. He was absent,” said Pastor Stewart.

He claims that it was time to write the book for someone else after turning 50, which is something he wishes had been done before he had children.

According to Pastor Stewart’s research for the book, boys who grow up in a home without a father are 20 times more likely to end up in jail or prison. According to statistics, the youngster is also more likely to grow up in poverty, he claims.

“We have treated symptoms that’s why there’s overcrowding in the prisons and jails because we’re treating a symptom instead of the root cause. We have to go back to the homes to find out the root cause,” said Pastor Stewart.

Visit to learn more about Pastor Frank Stewart and his book Father Deficiency.

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