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Man died while attempting to save a toddler who fell into White River



Little Rock, Arkansas – The death of a guy who attempted to save a youngster who was drowning in the White River was confirmed by the Independence County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Shawn Stephens reported to our content partner that the 47-year-old male passed away on July 14 just before 9 p.m.

The father chased the child after he fell into the White River earlier in the day, but the boy never reappeared, according to the Batesville Police Department.

The man was sought after by Vital Link EMS, BPD, the Independence County Sheriff, and the Batesville Fire Department.

According to police, he was located over an hour later, during which time another man was able to seize the youngster.

The first man and child, according to Batesville police, were transferred to White River Medical Center.

The man’s name won’t be made public, according to Sheriff Stephens, until the man’s relatives are informed. The youngster was doing fine, he noted.

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