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Man riding a horse assists stranded motorists on snow-covered roadways in Arkansas



Little Rock, Arkansas – In Central Arkansas, some drivers faced difficulties due to the snow on Monday. For some, the plows were sufficient, but others opted to simply walk.

One Arkansan, however, found riding a horse to be very easy.

Doc Leavy and his faithful horse Champ began their grocery store excursion with an Arkansas twist, at their ranch in North Little Rock.

“Now this is what you call cowboy weather, and I love every minute of it,” Leavy said, “Some people do say it’s wild but you know this is cowboy life. So doing it in the city ain’t no different than doing it in the country.”

And there was certainly some attention from a cowboy at Kroger.

Leavy’s true intention, though, was to donate his horsepower to vehicles that might not have enough to make it up the hill, not to commute.

“I mean his horse is just as strong as the tractor you know. If a car is trying to spin out but you ask them not to spin out, you tell him to just ease on the gas. So he eases on the gas and the horse pulls and they come right out.” said Leavy as he explained the process.

Leavy added that he assisted a small number of cars that were stopped both last year and today.

He is a lone biker looking for those he can help who are stuck.

“I try not to charge them, somebody to come through that needs some help,” Leavy said, “But if I was in their shoes, I want some help instead of sitting out in the cold, especially if they got kids in the car.”

He’s riding the snowy trail home for the time being till the flakes return.


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