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Many people gather in Van Buren County to search the woods for a missing woman



Clinton, Arkansas – Although their niece went missing months ago, the family is still looking for information, and they are now making preparations to bring her back.

“I would love to hear her voice, and get some answers,” the aunt of the missing woman, Renee Hastings said.

Chelsea Woods, 38, has been missing for months, and her family has been gripped by emotions.

“It has been one of the hardest things we have been through, any of us. so hard,” Hastings said.

Since last August, Renee Hastings has been looking for her niece.

“I’m just at a loss, we all are the whole family is,” Hastings stated.

Hundreds of first responders gathered on Saturday to assist look for solutions.

“We’ve had with the people at the church, that’s donated their time, rescue workers, people that have signed in volunteers, deputies, we are anywhere in between 125 to 150 people,” Van Buren County Sheriff, Eric Koonce said.

“It was like wow when you pull up and all of these people are here to help, everybody pulling together and you just get overwhelmed,” Hastings said.

The search was conducted from 8 a.m. on Saturday until dusk.

All in an effort to provide the family with answers.

“We are not giving up, we are not giving up hope. We are not giving up until we see this solved,” the case manager for the Morgan Nick Foundation, Shawnda Stubbs said.

Along with the family, the Morgan Nick Foundation managed the search.

Morgan Nick, an Arkansan, was kidnapped from an Alma baseball field when he was 6 years old in 1995.

Everyone working together, according to Renee Hastings, made her heart happy.

“I can’t thank everyone enough, it has just been awesome,” Hastings stated.

Chelsea Woods was not contacted by the police on Saturday, and although they are interviewing people, they have no suspicions.

The family stated that this is just the first of many more steps and that any evidence that the crews may have discovered will be given to the Arkansas State Crime Lab.

Call the police if you know anything about Chelsea Woods’ whereabouts.

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