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May 29 marked one year since Wagster murder



Jonesboro, Arkansas – One year since 22-year-old Gavin Wagster was killed in Jonesboro while at a friend’s house.

According to Gavin’s mother, Regina Wagster, after 365 days of processing his death, the pain still feels the same. “It just really hits home today,” Wagster said, “He’s not coming back.”

Wagster’s family and friends gathered on Sunday, May 29 to remember how he lived, many saying he was a light in the community. “You would never hang out with him and not laugh so hard that your face would hurt,” Wagster’s friend Hailey Bounds said.

According to the family, their loved one’s death is a reminder that some changes need to be made to gun laws and how a violent crime case is handled. “If a year has gone by, and the person who committed this crime is still wandering free as if nothing happened, then something needs to change,” Gavin’s brother Jordon Wagster said.

The Wagster family remains confident that Gavin’s murder will not go unpunished.

“I am optimistic as to when the trial actually begins because the evidence and the witness testimony is so mountainous that even a blind and deaf jury would find the correct verdict,” Jordon said.


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