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Member of City Council worries about the budget for 2024



Jonesboro, Arkansas – One Jonesboro councilman is concerned about the anticipated 2024 budget as the new year draws near.

Councilman LJ Bryant expressed concern with the newly suggested posts. especially the one who suggested giving JET buses a social media role.

Bryant stated that he believes investments in other departments would be more necessary than in communications.

“As we think about investing in positions, there are a lot of places that we need people the things that I mentioned like the people that are out in the field serving the citizens,” Bryant said.

Byrant stated that he simply believes communications is adequately staffed and does not require assistance.

On Thursday, Dec. 28, the Finance & Administration Council Committee met and considered adopting the proposed budget. The resolution was approved by the committee to be forwarded to the entire municipal council.





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