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Memorial Day is a day when organizations place flags on military gravestones



Little Rock, Arkansas – This past weekend, many people took the time to remember our fallen service members.

Reminding us of the true meaning of Memorial Day.

Jerome Mitchell, a Wounded Warrior Project Peer Support Group Leader, led the other locals in erecting the memorials by placing flags on each headstone in memory of the victims.

We’re simply trying to let them know that they are still in our minds. Let them know we’re thinking about them, Mitchell added.

Mitchell stated, “We adore them and know what they sacrificed for our country was not in vain.

At the Arkansas State Veteran’s Cemetery, large crowds gathered to express gratitude to the fallen soldiers who had made our freedom possible.

“There is a cost to the liberties we enjoy. The freedoms we have today weren’t free. The liberties that we enjoy now serve the purpose of allowing us to do whatever we desire, according to Mitchell. “Look at America and the rest of the globe, and then look at America. We are among the nations with a great deal of freedom. That freedom, however, was not free.

Mitchell stated that he thinks it’s necessary to visit the cemeteries where fallen soldiers are interred.

“So coming out here lets the world know, lets the families know, and also lets the resting souls out here know thank you, thank you, thank you,” added Mitchell.

A mother and veteran were pleased to celebrate the occasion with other volunteers who shared their interests.

Upon arriving, Laura Howard remarked, “I was just so pleasantly surprised to see so many volunteers, so many people taking time out of their day early on a Saturday to come and help out with this.”

She began to cry as she waved flags across the sea.

“Look at how beautiful this is; it’s a happy thing. There is no beauty more exquisite than this. And you can’t get any better than being able to thank each and every one of these service members and share it with my little baby, Howard added.

ensuring that her daughter is aware of the heritage and sacrifice.

“I want her to understand how important these folks are still. We must respect these folks and recognize their contributions even though they are no longer with us, Howard said.

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