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Metropolitan Emergency Medical Service renames street to honor the one-year anniversary of employee who lost his life on the job



Little Rock, Arkansas – One of Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services’ employees died while doing their job-related duties one year ago today.

On Saturday, they paid tribute to his legacy.

Members of MEMS gathered to remember and honor one of their own as rain fell, candles were lit, and embraces were exchanged.

“It’s a tough day, but an important day to make sure he is not forgotten,” Director of MEMS, Greg Thompson said.

Major Dean Douglas passed away while working the Little Rock Marathon one year ago.

“In some ways it’s hard to believe it’s been a year, and other ways it’s been forever,” Thompson said.

Dean Douglas and Greg Thompson have been friends for almost 20 years.

“This is Dean and some of his sort folks teaching a new class,” Thompson stated.

Thompson claimed that he misses his work ethic the most.

“So, I said at his funeral service that, no matter what job you gave him, that job would get done and so I think that’s something you don’t realize how much you miss until it’s not there,” Thompson said.

A cloudy day receives a little illumination as a new street sign is drilled into place.

“It’s that sign that we see coming into work, and it’s that sign when we are leaving work, and that is important to us,” Thompson stated.

Flames were lit, and people recounted their recollections of Major Douglas and the impact he left behind.

“The Madhatter is the back of that truck. Jack of all trades and I think that fit him quite well,” Thompson said.

The poignant day was shared with us by Greg Thompson, who also discussed how this serves as a reminder to all MEMS employees of how perilous their profession may be and, ultimately, how priceless life is.

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