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Mexican artist opens his first gallery in Conway



Little Rock, Arkansas – In September of this year, Isaac Helguera launched a gallery in Conway, Arkansas. However, he noted that the process of opening his own gallery has not been a simple one.

Paintings of Frida Kahlo, the Mexican version of the Mona Lisa, and even other animals greet visitors as they approach his museum.

However, Helguera has stated that one of his most cherished works of art is a recreation of a picture that depicts Jesus and Saint Joseph.

Helguera stated that his father, who worked as an artisan, instructed him in the fundamentals of art when he was a child.

“I would go to school and help my dad work in the afternoons, Saturday and Sunday,” Helguera said. “Art was practically my life as a kid.”

Helguera stated that the work they developed was crucial in ensuring the financial well-being of his family.

“At that time I didn’t fully understand what art was, it was a simply a necessity,” Helguera said.

According to Helguera, he moved to the United States when he was 20 years old and spent his time working to support himself, which caused him to put his artistic pursuits on hold.

“I worked construction, in restaurants, factories- what all immigrants do,” Helguera said.

Helguera claimed that it wasn’t until after he experienced several unfortunate incidents at work that he made the decision to resume art as a hobby.

“I had an accident at work that injured my back, and I was practically disabled for two years,” Helguera. “I met a Catholic priest in Chicago, and I asked him for an opportunity to sell my art.”

Helguera’s paintings can be found all around the state of Arkansas, and he even gave one to Governor Hutchinson this year as a token of his appreciation for his work. Helguera’s success can be attributed to his dogged drive.

Helguera has stated that he attributes all of his achievements to the support of his family and friends.

The headquarters of Pinturas Helguera, LLC may be found in Conway, Arkansas at 2332 Washington Ave.

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