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Middle school awarded $5,000 for ‘Imagination’



Jonesboro, Arkansas – A happy ending for a pupil who has evolved into the protagonist of her own narrative.

Madelynn Moffett triumphed in a nationwide writing contest sponsored by Sun-Maid Raisins back in March. She consequently joined the organization’s Board of Imagination. After meeting with the other board members in California, she made the decision to organize lemonade stands across the country to generate money for children’s cancer research.

Two Sun-Maid representatives visited her school, M.D. Williams Intermediate School in Pocahontas, on Wednesday to provide the conclusion to the tale. Moffett had a say in how the $5,000 cheque would be used after the firm gave it to the school.

The only restriction was that it needed to be creative.

They made the decision to use the funds to present a traveling interactive museum/planetarium for all of the pupils with the assistance of her administrator.

Here’s what she came up with and a little peek at what she has in store.

“They have a lot of arcade games that are science related,” she said with a giddy smile.

Additionally, the school was given a year’s worth of Sun-Maid snacks to stock its brand-new “bottomless snack lockers” all across the building. As long as parents and teachers give their permission, of course, students are free to use the lockers whenever they need a pick-me-up during the school day. Sun-cravings Maid’s connector, Jennifer Seita, said that the lockers will be refilled whenever the school wants it, at least through the conclusion of the school year.

She also provided some words of wisdom for any future youngsters who might wish to enter the competition but feel they might not stand a chance.

“I think kids just have to realize how much support they have locally,” Seita said. “These kids that think they might not be able to win, they don’t see how much support they can get locally, and that’s where all the voting happens.”

Though this specific chapter of Madelynn’s story may be nearing its conclusion, she isn’t ruling out even grander aspirations in the future. She didn’t give a clear response when asked what came next. She gave a very clear response, though, when asked if she had any ambitions to serve as President of the United States in the future.

“Yeah, I’ll try!” she giggled.


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