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Military Service Award award for community achievements is given to an Arkansas airman



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Air Force has awarded the 2023 Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) Military Service Award for community excellence to an airman stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base.

In January, Senior Airman Danielle Ziemba, a Journeyman in Bioenvironmental Engineering, received a nomination for the prestigious award.

The National Guard and enlistees from all six military branches are honored with this award in recognition of their achievements in both the military and the civilian sectors.

“I have always had a passion for leading,” said Ziemba. “Serving as president presented an opportunity to blend my passion for leadership with a sense of purpose, ensuring that every ounce of dedication and effort exerted into this role would be channeled to directly benefit Airmen and the community.”

Ziemba has previously received recognition for her altruism. In addition, she received the US Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, which acknowledges her contributions of over 5,000 volunteer hours.

She coordinated three dorm resident events and guided 620 peers through 12 professional development courses while serving as the First Four Council President of the AFB.

Along with working with non-profits to develop fundraisers for tornado relief, she oversaw an eighteen-person team that restocked the pantry for Feed the Veterans, the only organization in Arkansas committed to serving veterans.

Ziemba was recognized in 2022 not only with her service award but also as the Airman of the Year for the Air Force Medical Service’s Bioenvironmental Engineering and the 19th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron.


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