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Mills Park getting new projects from Bryant’s Parks and Recreation.



Bryant, Arkansas – Mills Park has reportedly been a component of Bryant’s park system since 1971, according to the city of Bryant.

“This park is one of our most active parks,” said Chris Treat Director of Parks, Chris Treat.

Treat noted that Mills is well-known for its walking track and that locals gather there for birthday celebrations and exercise groups.

The park has been there for almost 51 years, but there are still fresh initiatives in the pipeline.

Treat reported that they have submitted an application for a grant to complete the playground project.

The city council and Bryant’s Parks and Recreation have been collaborating on a grant to complete phase two of the inclusive playground.

The pavilion in the park is also getting an upgrade.

“If you’re from Bryant, you’ve spent a lot of time there (the pavilion) growing up,” said Treat.

In the near future, work will also start on further expansions including pickleball courts and tennis court improvements.

Treat stated that the Bryant community requested these new initiatives, and that is the only reason they are happening.

“They advocated and reached out,” said Treat. “They showed up to city council meetings. They showed up to Parks Committee meetings. They asked that their tax dollars be spent this way.”

He claimed that parks are crucial for the community’s emotional and physical wellbeing, particularly in the wake of COVID-19.

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