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More young adults coming for help in the Little Rock Compassion Center amid teacher shortage



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Little Rock Compassion Center is going through a teacher shortage and is seeing more young adults coming in for help.

According to Melissa Caulder, a teacher in the center, managing the teacher shortage is challenging. “It’s been hard, but we all share, we all try to help,” said Caulder.

The shortage began because of the pandemic and people not wanting to come back to teach at the shelter out of fear that they might get sick, the Center’s CEO William Holloway said.

According to Holloway, recently the shortage of teachers hasn’t been their only issue. They’re seeing more young adults come in for assistance every day, some as young as 18. “We are seeing on average anywhere from 8-10 new faces a night right now,” said Holloway.

He believes the increase in homelessness among young people has to do with a lack of education. “A lot of times people get passed on from one grade to the next grade and are unable to read very well.” Holloway adds in turn, “we find that with so many people they don’t know how to fill out a job application.”

Caulder says she tries to work with everyone at their own pace to help them read, write, and get a job. “I read it very carefully and I ask questions if they understand,” said Caulder.

According to Holloway, this is all a part of the process to transition them into a new life.

“I would like to see people being able to get a job and have the American dream,” said Holloway.

If you would like to apply for a teaching position at the center call 501-296-911.


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