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National High School Basketball Association holds back to school bash in Redfield



Redfield, Arkansas – On Saturday, a back-to-school back was held at the historic school gymnasium in Redfield.

The event was put on by the nonprofit national high school basketball association. It featured a day full of basketball and guest speakers, as well as prizes and back-to-school gifts. There is also a focus on life skills for kids ages 13 to 18, including financial literacy.

“Talking about different careers they can look at once they get out of school, because even though they are good players and everything,” Deuntate Copeland, executive director of the NHSBA said.

“Eventually we all put the ball down, so that’s the next step, what do you do when you stop bouncing the ball?”

Among the sponsors providing food for the event was Tyson foods.

The nonprofit national high school basketball association was founded in 2006 with a focus on practical life skills to help guide young people on the path to graduating from high school, college, or trade school and into successful adult life.


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