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Natural disasters on the rise in Arkansas



Arkansas — Over the past 40 years, the natural state saw a 135% increase in natural disasters.

According to a study by QuoteWizard, there were 77 natural disasters from 1981-2021. The disasters could more than $10 billion in damage. A research analyst with QuoteWizard said the entire country is seeing more severe weather. “What we have really seen is just an increase in these natural disasters that have just been, quite frankly, shocking,” VinZant said.

Getting insurance for your home will be key as the state continues to see more natural disasters, Helen Newbery with the Center for Arkansas Legal Services said. “Increase incidents that we’re seeing, people really need to start thinking about looking at their insurance, getting insured,” Newberry said.

According to Newberry, it’s important to prepare now for severe weather. She recommends making electronic copies of important documents in case they get damaged from the weather and preparing a kit with essential items.

In order to help you prepare and recover from natural disasters, The Center for Arkansas Legal Services has an online tool kit.


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