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NEA soldier who served for nine months in Germany has returned home



Jonesboro, Arkansas – After enduring nine hard months alone from his family, one soldier joined the 870 again.

The soldiers from Arkansas are back in the Natural State. On Saturday, January 13, several soldiers touched down at Little Rock’s Clinton National Airport. Their goal for the nine months they were there was to train Ukrainians to defend themselves against Russian attacks.

On his way back to Jonesboro, Maj Jeremy Timm, a resident of the 39th IBTC, gave a speech. He claimed that although being apart from his family was difficult, the trip was nevertheless worthwhile in the end.

“My purpose in it was to document the training process and everything with it,” Timm said. “So basically capturing everything we did.”

Timm stated that his work can be shared if limitations are removed.

Words cannot express how happy he is to be returning and “enjoy some good food and quality family time,” he said.


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