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Nearly nine tons of food will be served to the homeless by Little Rock Compassion Center



Little Rock, Arkansas – The Little Rock Compassion Center intends to give over 600 to 700 free meals to the homeless.

“We are so grateful for the generosity of the Little Rock Community,” said Pastor William Holloway, executive director of the Little Rock Compassion Center. “We have enough food, including turkey, to get through the weekend.”

The Compassion Center will distribute nearly nine tons of traditional Thanksgiving dinners with all the fixings to the homeless on Thanksgiving and throughout the holiday weekend.

Turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, veggies, and dinner rolls are included in the preparations.

There will be cakes and pies available to consume for dessert.

According to the Compassion Center, there will be ready-to-eat food available for individuals who would prefer to stay outside.

The facility indicated that they might also be distributing food baskets to people who have a kitchen where they can cook their own meals.

Warm clothing such as coats, hats, gloves, and blankets are still required and should be donated to the facility.

“Thanksgiving is a time when tradition says we gather with family to thank God for our blessings,” said Pastor William Holloway. “But for many in Little Rock, there is no family and little to give thanks for. We provide that gathering place, the warm meal, and fellowship that is sorely lacking. Our volunteers and donors make it possible for us to give our guests a traditional Thanksgiving meal. We pray the love we show opens their hearts to God’s plan to restore their lives through the Compassion Center’s programs.”


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