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New Arkansas laws going into effect



Little Rock, Arkansas – Beginning in August, a new set of laws will apply in Arkansas.

The 94th General Assembly, which officially adjourned on May 1, 2023, produced 890 pieces of legislation.

The laws that were passed by the legislature without a date clause are listed below.

Education laws
Act 317: An act concerning a public school district or charter school policy relating to the sex of a public school student who attends a public school sponsored to supervised overnight trip; concerning the designation of a multiple occupancy restroom or changing area based on an individual’s sex; and for other purposes.
Act 542: To create the Given Name Act; and to prohibit requiring employees of public schools and state supported institutions of higher education to use a person’s preferred pronoun, name, or title without parental consent.

Concealed carry laws
Act 30: To amend laws concerning concealed carry permits; to authorize an individual who has sought voluntary mental health treatment to obtain a concealed carry permit after a certain time period.
Act 757: To amend the law concerning concealed handguns; and to protect the rights of medical marijuana patients and caregivers to obtain a license to carry a concealed handgun.
Act 777: To clarify the purpose of the statutes authorizing a license to a carry a concealed handgun; and to clarify that a license to carry a concealed handgun is not required to a carry a concealed handgun in this state.

Abortion access laws
Act 559: To amend the Right-to-Know-and-See Act; and to require an abortion provider who knowingly performs or refers a patient for an abortion to comply with the right of a patient to view ultrasound images before an abortion.
Act 702: To amend the Abortion-Inducing Drugs Safety Act; and to add revocation of a physician’s medical license to the professional sanctions authorized for failure to comply with the Abortion-Inducing Drugs Safety Act.
Act 848: To clarify the performance of an abortion to save the life of a pregnant woman in a medical emergency.

Crime laws
Act 330: To amend the law concerning conditions for Crime Victims Reparations for victims of human trafficking and child sex victims.
Act 619: To amend the criminal offense of sexual indecency with a child.
Act 722: To create the offense of sexual solicitation of a minor; to amend the law concerning the Human Trafficking Victim Support Fund; and to amend the law concerning the Safe Harbor Fund for sexually exploited children.

Driving laws
Act 445: To amend the law concerning distracted driving; and to create Ashton’s and Abbie’s law.
Act 707: To amend the law concerning the operation of an automated enforcement device.

Business laws
Act 411: An act concerning the regulation of environmental, social justice, or governance scores; to authorize the Treasurer of State to divest certain investments or obligations due to the use of environmental, social justice, or governance-related metrics; and other purposes.
Act 195: To revise the child labor law; and to create the “Youth Hiring Act of 2023.”

Election laws
Act 305: An act to eliminate write-in candidates in elections; to amend election procedures; and to amend the law concerning election.
Act 320: To amend the prohibition on the delivery of unsolicited absentee ballot applications to electors; and to amend the law concerning absentee ballots.
Act 444: To establish the Arkansas Poll Watchers Bill of Rights of 2023; to amend the law concerning poll watchers; and to amend the law concerning election procedures.

Click here to view a complete list of every act passed by the 94th General Assembly.

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