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New life to Leachville



Leachville, Arkansas – After a fatal tornado last year, a new non-profit is trying to restore downtown Leachville.

The Leachville Beautification Corporation is at present engaged in downtown beautification.

Buildings in the downtown area are empty and waiting for someone to come in and save them.

Jerred Price imagines himself to be that person. Price, who was born and raised in Leachville, now resides in Memphis and runs a prosperous construction business.

He has the ability to support the neighborhood because he owns this business. “I want to restore some of these historic structures and so many times we see people tear down history but once it is gone it’s gone,” said Price.

A little village was hit by an EF4 tornado on December 10, 2021, which even destroyed Dollar General and killed one person. In response to the tornado’s devastation to certain downtown buildings, Price decided to return to his roots and assist the community.

“The tornado came through and damaged some of the towns and we want to help beautify,” said Price. With lampposts along the streets downtown, Price hopes to illuminate the neighborhood while paying tribute to the deceased.

“Each family that bought a lamp post will honor someone, so 20 different families have purchased lampposts,” said Price.

Although Price anticipates having them put in place by December, replacing lampposts is simply the first step. The future of the former Tuckers building, which he also owns, is still up in the air, he claims.

“A restaurant of some kind, maybe a store if I can find a tenant that wants to do that and I want to restore these historic structures,” said Price.

As more companies become aware of Price’s efforts, they start to refurbish their buildings in a similar manner. “Others are now also committing to restore and bring their buildings, so it has been a domino effect,” said Price.

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