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North Little Rock breaks ground to expand resources to Hispanic and Latino communities



North Little Rock, Arkansas – Both the Hispanic and Latino community’s population and its resource base are rapidly expanding in North Little Rock.

On Tuesday, the group Seis Puentes began construction on a new facility where they will carry out their objective of offering their community useful resources.

Shovels in the ground herald fresh beginnings and expansion for one North Little Rock group.

“When we started with Seis Puentes, we were at 2 to 3% of our community that was Hispanic, now we are looking at 10% of our community being Hispanic,” Seis Puentes Executive Director Raul Fernandez said.

“He can’t really tell you how fast it’s growing but he definitely sees that the community is growing,” Junier Martinez, a man who goes to Seis Puentes, said.

People like Junier Martinez can take art workshops, and English classes, participate in a city ID program, get food pantries, and much more from Seis Puentes.

“When I see people walk into our doors, I see my parents and of course that can be for things like English lessons or all of the great services we are talking about, but it’s also just fellowship,” Fernandez said.

Junier Martinez claimed to have relocated from Nicaragua to North Little Rock.

Martinez expressed his satisfaction with the organization’s expansion to accommodate its requirements, but he is particularly looking forward to new opportunities.

Laura Mirtinez Gutierrez, who studies at Seis Puentes as well, expressed that she can see a new structure and a new era.

“It’s a great opportunity for growth in all of the areas for the community,” Guiterrez said.

The building makeover will come with a total price tag of little less than $300,000.

They are now raising the remaining funds through fundraising, even though they have some grant money from the city.


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