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North Little Rock High School optimistic that bats will no longer be a problem for them



North Little Rock, Arkansas – The North Little Rock Charging Wildcats are making efforts to solve the problem with the wild bats in their area.

Since Wednesday, students in high school have not been required to attend class.

Officials from the school have stated that nobody has been bitten by a bat, but at least one student has been scratched by one.

The state of Arkansas Department of Health is currently providing medical care to that student.

The school district has a theory that the bats came from the K-tower on the main campus, which is located between the auditorium and the cafeteria.

The North Little Rock High School has been placed on lockdown due to bat activity. On Wednesday, Dr. Gregory Pilewski, the superintendent of the North Little Rock School District, stated that the 100 bats that have been captured by them are now safe and that none of them have been killed.

“Working with Arkansas Game and Fish we’ve released them into the wild,” Pilewski said. “This is a very unique, obvious situation that we’ve had.”

The school district will carry on with the cleaning of the high school and will make a final determination regarding whether or not students can go back to school on Monday night.

Both students and teachers are strongly encouraged to participate in a brief rabies screening survey in order to confirm that they do not have the disease.

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