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North Little Rock may soon get a brand-new luxury hotel and conference center



North Little Rock, Arkansas – The mayor of North Little Rock has plans for a new hotel and conference center, and they are now one step closer to reality.

“A new hotel that looks like it’s gonna come to North Little Rock. Which means absolutely more people stay and more people eating and millions of dollars,” North Little Rock Mayor, Terry Hartwick said.

Makan Hospitality presented its proposal to construct a new 14-story hotel, condo, restaurant, and office complex downtown at a city council meeting on Monday.

According to Kal Makan, a co-owner of Makan, “This will be our flagship hotel. One of our largest investments.

The old Greyhound bus station lot would be the site of the city’s multi-million dollar redevelopment, which is expected to generate millions more in revenue.

“We’re just excited about bringing a concept from a boutique high-end hotel standpoint to North Little Rock because we feel that it needs it,” Makan explained.

Mayor Hartwick intends to attract tourists to the north side of the river in a variety of ways, in addition to a new hotel. In an effort to attract thousands of visitors and millions of dollars, the city has also been researching the possibility of building a new convention center.

“The area [Makan’s] looking at putting his hotel is would be within less than 100 yards from where the conference center would be,” Hartwick said.

Demand for these initiatives has already been seen, he added.

“Without a doubt, we can start selling and making reservations the soon as the council says let’s do it,” Hartwick explained.

On Monday night, the city received the first presentation of the hotel plan.

The new Argenta hotel proposal is anticipated to receive a final municipal council decision the following month.

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