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Northeast Arkansans for Animals offers affordable medical care



Jonesboro, Arkansas – The registration period for a low-cost immunization clinic is about to expire.

The registration deadline for a vaccination clinic being held by Northeast Arkansans for Animals on Saturday, October 15 was 6 p.m. on Wednesday, October 12.

The clinic, according to director Wannda Turner, will offer a range of vaccinations.

“We see dogs and cats for four hours and they get rabies, five in one, Bordetella, Three in One, and a heartworm test. Each of those are only ten dollars apiece. So, at the most they’ll spend is 40 dollars.”

According to her, customers in need of the low cost should visit this clinic because failing to get their vaccines on time could result in them losing their pets. “State law says your dog or cat must be current on rabies or you can get fined. We have managed to keep rabies out of Craighead County for 16 years,” Turner said.

According to her, the group has been able to give back in the form of life-saving clinics thanks to the support of many. “I just want to say that without the community’s support, the volunteers, Jonesboro Animal Control, the City of Jonesboro — we would not be able to have done 150 clinics in 16 years.”

Turner said she’s delighted to offer the service to folks who might not be able to pay for it because it might occasionally be the difference between having a pet or not. “At the end of the clinic, by the time we get everything picked up, we’re all exhausted but it’s the best exhausted I ever am,” she said.

Anyone wishing to bring their animal companions to the clinic must pre-register by Wednesday, October 15 at 6 p.m. Walk-ins won’t be accepted.

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