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Northeast Arkansas is the target of a colorful drug



Jonesboro, Arkansas – Northeast Arkansas is grappling with the fight against fentanyl, one of the most lethal substances to hit the country, but you might not even be aware of it.

According to Chad Henson, Commander of the Second Judicial Drug Taskforce at the Craighead County Sheriff’s Office, it is unusual for youngsters to be targeted by rainbow fentanyl because of its vivid hues.

“We have heard that some of these narcotics, some of these fake pills have been distributed here and so they target those kids to sell, and therefore, they are targeting within our schools,” he said.

The new pills come in a variety of hues and resemble confectionery almost exactly.

Henson claimed that cops are now ready to deal with a potential overdose in light of the spike in fentanyl deaths around the nation.

“Law enforcement officers now are carrying medicine that can be injected into someone’s nose to get them breathing again,” he said.

Henson urged parents to watch out for their children and emphasized the significance of always being aware of what is going into their body.

“When law enforcement or anyone official is saying this is the deadliest epidemic, we have ever seen you need to take that to heart,” he said.


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