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Northeast Arkansas Police department impacted by supply shortage



Blytheville, Arkansas – Among others, the supply shortage also affected a Northeast Arkansas police department.

Due to supply chain issues, the Blytheville Police Department has had a lot of its Skycop cameras placed on back-order.

According to Assistant Police Chief Ricky Jefferson, the cameras could come at any day.

“I guess it’s just like everything – everywhere lately, it’s hard to get materials,” Chief Jefferson said. “We have several poles set, so we’re just waiting on those materials to come in so we can get those cameras installed.”

Jefferson mentioned some of the Skycops need to be replaced, and he plans to add more in town.

He also has had a hard time finding some additional items for the real-time crime center because of supply chain issues.

For almost two years, the department has been using cameras to solve crimes that occur in the town.


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