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Northwest Arkansas group is assisting 3,100 children in experiencing the wonder of Christmas



Little Rock, Arkansas – Sharing & Caring of Benton County is ensuring that thousands of children in Benton County get to experience the wonder of Christmas.

3,100 children in the county have gifts to be wrapped by the nonprofit organization in northwest Arkansas.

According to Executive Director Thomas Blackwell, the holidays ought to be a time of joy and happiness.

“You think of the magic of Christmas morning, and having that magic as a memory is a privilege that all of us may not be aware that we had,” Blackwell said. “There are a lot of families that mom and dad have to explain why Santa didn’t come or why they don’t get a Christmas or coming up with an excuse. We want to help make sure that every child gets to experience Christmas.”

The remainder of the week might be hectic at Santa’s workshop, but according to Blackwell, the job doesn’t stop when the holidays do.

“3,100 kids is still scratching the surface. There’s a lot of people across Benton County that aren’t as blessed as others, and there’s a lot of need across this county. We’re trying to work and grow and expand and make sure that we take care of every single family that needs help,” he said.

On December 9, families can pick up their gifts.