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Officials at the Arkansas State Fair predict the highest attendance in history



Little Rock, Arkansas – Over half a million people are expected to attend the Arkansas State Fair this year, according to fair officials.

Since they were young children, Tanya Shepard and her friend Linda Howard have been going to the fair, and they claim that the food is what keeps them coming back.

“I notice [this year] there’s more vendors and more variety,” Howard stated.

Shepard said that after the fair implemented a new policy for kids during its 83rd season, she felt safer.

Senior director of Agency GWL Dan Sawyer referred to the state fair as the “Super Bowl” of fairs, emphasizing that they strive to attract visitors by upholding customs and providing something enjoyable for all.

“The fair has always done a great job of bringing in new concerts,” Sawyer said. “We’ve got rhythm and blues, country, classics, rock, Christian acts, Hispanic acts.”

Sawyer mentioned that there are numerous ways for individuals to save money and that they make an effort to use social media to showcase what to expect at the fair.

“There are a lot of gate promotions that allow people to get to the fair with discounts,” he said. “[There’s] even free entry on certain days for seniors or lady’s night.”

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