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Officials prepare for severe weather in Arkansas



Dumas, Arkansas — A heavy rain caused some flash flooding in Arkansas Monday into Tuesday.

Dumas experienced severe flooding that left many homes damaged in June 2021.

Governor Asa Hutchinson declared a state of emergency for the area.

On Tuesday, Dumas was under a flash flood watch. The water piled back up and officials want community members to be mindful and stay safe.

“From that, we’ve learned that people that live in flood-prone areas just have to be pretty vigilant,” said Dumas Fire Chief Doug Weatherford. “If water starts coming up, get out before it gets too deep.”

They have about 2,000 sandbags ready to go for anybody who may need them, according to Weatherford.

According to Fire Chief Weatherford, the same inmates from the Arkansas Corrections help bag the sand.

Some community groups bring them lunch as a thank you.

Weatherford also said if individuals are in areas phone to flooding they should be just as prepared with a plan in place to get out. “Last year, we had one person call that was in distress and needed help getting out last year we had sandbags, but now near enough,” said Weatherford.

Sandbags can be picked up at the open auxiliary location, Dumas Fire Department Station #2, 901 E Choctaw St, Dumas, AR 71639.

People who need bags delivered can call the Dumas Fire Department Station #2 at (870) 382-5511.


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