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On Friday, there may be a little amount of snowfall in north and west Arkansas



Little Rock, Arkansas – A quick-moving cyclone is expected to bring more precipitation to the Natural State on Friday morning.

In certain areas of Arkansas, the temperature will drop below the level of clouds to the point that snowflakes can form. Most of the snowfall will be light, however a brief yet heavy snowfall could obscure visibility and build up quickly.

The higher altitudes of the Ouachita and Ozark Mountains have the best possibility of receiving snowfall during winter weather.

For most of Friday morning and into the afternoon, the temperature is expected to remain at or below freezing (32 °F), which might cause some slick roads and treacherous situations in the highlands.

Snowfall on Friday morning is less likely in Central Arkansas, which includes the Little Rock metro area. Winter weather is possible, but it shouldn’t have an impact because the temperature will remain far above freezing.

It’s likely to be a mess of a cold rain and snow mixture.

However, you may be asking, how much snow?

In most of Central Arkansas, there won’t be any snowfall or very little. If a moderate band of snow forms, areas in the north and west may experience an isolated dusting to 1/2″ of snowfall.

As an active pattern is forming over the Mid-South, there are still opportunities for snowfall if this storm doesn’t produce any before the end of the week.

We will be monitoring the possibility that Monday and early Tuesday of next week will see rain turn to snow, with a focus once again on North and West Arkansas.

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