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Organizations build cooling facilities in response to temperatures that force Arkansans to look for methods to stay cool



Little Rock, Arkansas – People are attempting to cool off as things heat up.

A number of central Arkansasn cities are offering services to keep people safe during these chilly conditions.

The local splash pad was visited by Dee McCastle and her kids. “It’s almost too hot to come outside,” McCastle said.

Everyone in Arkansas is thinking about it; it’s hot. Parents and children are turning to the neighborhood splash pad as a means of cooling off due to the high temperatures.

Moreover, Andreia Tippitt brought her children to play in the water.

“It’s helpful for me and them,” Tippitt stated. To escape the heat, enjoy some fun in the sun, and burn off some energy, they both took their children.

“When they’re at home they don’t want to go outside, and play because it is too hot, but when they’re here we can play all day long,” Tippitt said.

Cooling facilities have set up throughout central Arkansas so that anyone may come get some air conditioning and avoid the intensity of the sun. Among them was the Little Rock Compassion Center.
About 20 people have used the cooling center thus far, according to Pastor Holloway, and more are expected in the next several days.

“Because of these temperatures, the way it’s been for the last few days, we opened up early this year, because this gives people a nice place to sit in out of that heat,” Holloway said.


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