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Over 40 car break-ins reported at Two Rivers Park this year



Little Rock, Arkansas – This year, Two Rivers Park has seen a lot of car break-ins, according to the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department.

According to Lieutenant Cody Burk of the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department, there have been 47 break-ins since January, averaging around five each month.

“We’ve arrested people and charged them for breaking and entering out there but there always seems like there’s a new crop or a new branch of people that are breaking into cars out there,” Lt. Burk said.

Lt. Burk claimed that he has discovered that when criminals have access to people’s credit cards, they use them to purchase gift cards.

“If they’ll not lock their purse or anything in the trunk [and] not bring it out to the park at all,” Lt. Burk said. “They should just take what they need when they go to the park.”

Visiting the park with her pals, Debi Barnes said she takes safety measures on her own.

“For one thing, we don’t walk by ourselves,” Barnes said. “We don’t ever leave anything in the car.”

A park visitor named Jesse Abeler claimed that he and his wife frequently visit the park with their two dogs and that they have seen the remains of broken car windows.

“Unfortunately, I do see more glass in the parking lot sometimes when we pull up-obviously someone is having a bad day,” Abeler said. “It makes us pretty aware of what we leave in sight of the car what we bring with us in the car.”

According to Pulaski Co., efforts are being made to place cameras at the park to make it safer.

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