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Overcapacity animal control requests assistance from the community



Cherokee Village, Arkansas – There is an animal overpopulation, according to Northeast Arkansas Animal Control.

More than thirty cats were retrieved from a residence in Cherokee Village early in February, beyond the animal control department’s capacity.

Animal dumping is another problem that CVAC is addressing, as the group claims that it is against the law.

“Litters are being dumped. Dogs are being dumped with puppies. Pregnant mommas are being dumped. That’s a lot of it is the puppies. No one wants the puppies and so they just dump their dog because it’s going to have puppies and they know it is,” Animal Control Officer Megan Mansfield explained.

With so many animals on hand, the club has been obliged to temporarily cease taking in new members.

“We get almost three to four dogs brought to us every day. At this point, we have to turn them down because we have nowhere to put anyone else,” Mansfield added.

Go to the animal control’s Facebook page to learn more about helping and making donations.



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