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Owner of a fruit booth in Malvern suffers from heat stroke



Malvern, Arkansas – Everyone is aware that it is harmful when the temperature reaches the triple digits. However, many people have no choice, such as those who operate produce stalls that sell fresh fruits and vegetables.

On June 23, Elton Rimmer, the proprietor of Payton’s Place in Malvern, suffered a heat stroke while only waiting for clients to arrive so he could sell them some fruit.

He claims he doesn’t even remember anything other than waking up in the hospital, but he is now fine.

Watermelon, okra, tomatoes, cucumbers, and other produce have been sold at Payton’s Place in Malvern for 20 years.

“We can’t wait till it starts, and we hate when it ends,” wife Barbara Rimmer said.

They intend to remain open, no matter the weather. They are shaded and given air from the several box fans to help them beat the triple-digit heat.

Rimmer spent six days in the hospital due to heat stroke. He remembered sitting on the porch in the bright sunshine.

“I went out there at 9 o’clock and I remember 9 o’clock but at 12 I don’t remember nothing,” Rimmer recalled.

Rimmer can only recall waking up at a hospital.

Payton’s Place employee Chastity Farber claimed that Rimmer was totally out of it. He had severe sweating, according to her, and a pale complexion.

Rimmer returned to Payton’s Place in the heat after being released from the hospital for a few days out of love for what he built from the ground up.

He’s now taking safety measures seriously, drinking plenty of water, sitting by the fan rather than in the sun, and when he falters, his staff keeps him on course.

“I’m glad he’s good, even though I do have to argue with him every day about something. Whether it’s his medicine or getting out of the sun. But as long as he is still arguing with me, I am happy,” Farber said.


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