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Pirates on the prowl in the porches



Jonesboro, Arkansas – The amount of orders placed online skyrockets in the days leading up to Christmas. Because so many people lead busy lives, packages frequently end up on doorsteps, where they wait for the person who should claim them.

A number of residents in a single Jonesboro neighborhood had their packages taken right off their porches while they were away.

“More irreplaceable or harder to get back or could impact that family a lot more than what they took from us.”, said Brittany Neely, whose Ring camera caught all the action.

Toys and a bedspread only accounted for about $80 of Neely’s total wealth. She expressed her wish that they would take pleasure in using their Super Mario comforter.

Others did not fare nearly as well. Bem Davidson and his wife live just a few houses down the street, and they get their medication delivered to their house on a monthly basis. The one time that it did not show, he became concerned; however, he later discovered Neely’s video from just around the block.

“The medication alone is over $6,500,” said Davidson.

The inability to obtain this medication makes life a lot more difficult for his wife.

“Without it, she can barely function, and she is insufferable pain without it.”, said Davidson.

Davidson also mentioned that after a heated argument with CVS, they finally agreed to send him a replacement prescription by mail. He went on to say that from this point forward, he will have them delivered to the local pharmacy.

There will be times when life will get in the way. Having children while also maintaining a full-time job and arriving home in time for dinner can be a challenge for many people. Neely stated that in order to prevent this from happening again, she is going to have to devise innovative strategies for obtaining her packages.

“I will possibly have things sent to my work instead of my house, just because I don have anywhere else to do it. We both 40 hours per week jobs”, said Neely.


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