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Politicians in Arkansas respond to Kevin McCarthy, the recently elected house speaker



Little Rock, Arkansas – Newly elected House of Representatives Speaker Kevin McCarthy praised Arkansas lawmakers Bruce Westerman and French Hill for their assistance in negotiations during his acceptance speech.

Hill said he is eager to begin working with McCarthy in remarks made after the vote.

“I am confident that, under Kevin McCarthy’s leadership, House Republicans will offer pro-growth, conservative policies in contrast to the Biden Administration’s reckless agenda. We will demonstrate to the American people that Republicans have the right ideas to unleash American energy, get our economy moving, secure our southwest border, and focus on rolling back the regulatory destruction of the Democratic party. I look forward to getting started on the work ahead this year and once again serving the Second District of Arkansas in the 118th Session of Congress.”
Congressman French Hill

And Congressman Westerman said he’s proud of McCarthy.

“As we all know, the first week of the 118th Congress in the House of Representatives was momentous. It took 4 days and 15 rounds of voting to choose Representative Kevin McCarthy from the state of California as the 55th Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

Regardless of your political affiliation, I hope you saw this exercise as a testament to the strength of our American Republic. Our government is alive, and it represents over 330 million Americans, all with differing views and needs. That variety is sometimes hard to corral into one united vision, but that isn’t a weakness, it’s an asset. Bringing disparate parts of our country together is hard, but doing the hard work is what makes America great.

Late last year, the world saw highly orchestrated images of a tightly scripted Chinese Communist Party conference. Everything there was rehearsed. Every decision was pre-determined. The entire world knew what was going to happen before the first words were spoken. That’s not who we are.

We’re part of a living, breathing, the great experiment in self-governance that is sometimes messy, sometimes loud, and sometimes makes our collective heads shake. But that experiment makes us unique, and it makes us strong. When we are forced to listen to those who disagree with us and then work together, the American people benefit. I’m proud of how Speaker McCarthy worked through our disagreements and brought us to a place of unity.

I look forward to accomplishing all the goals that we set forth in the Commitment to America last year and to serving you, the great people of the Fourth Congressional District of Arkansas.”
Unites States Representative Bruce Westerman

Arkansas Representative Rick Crawford also released a statement about McCarthy’s election.

“I’m pleased that we have officially elected Rep. Kevin McCarthy as Speaker for the 118th Congress. I can think of no one who has fought harder for the success and priorities of House Republicans these past two years. Speaker McCarthy has a plan that our conference can unite around. It’s time to get to work on behalf of the American people and secure our border, tackle inflation, and finally hold the Biden administration accountable for their failures.”
Congressman Rick Crawford


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