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Possible solution to late and lost mail in northeast Arkansas



Bay, Arkansas – In order to improve services, a mailing center in Craighead County may be undergoing big changes.

Jonesboro is listed as one of the sites that may be converted into a Sorting and Delivery Center, according to a document from the United States Postal Service.

In 2012 the mail processing center in Jonesboro was moved to Memphis and since then rural communities around the area have struggled with late and lost mail. Bay is one of those communities as the city clerk says it has been a nightmare for her citizens to try and pay bills or send a letter. “It has been terrible,” said Sandi Ladd-Griffin. “In fact, it took so long for our citizens to get their water bill that we extended the due date by five days.”

According to the document states, Jonesboro would be the hub for all mail to and from Bay, Brookland, Cash, Harrisburg, Lake City, Trumann, and Weiner.

“Everyone has complained that it takes too long and that they don’t have time to get a bill in and if they mail a payment back for a vendor to get it,” said Ladd-Griffin.

According to Ladd-Griffin, moving the faculty over 80 miles closer is going to hopefully cut down on some of the issues. “It’s got to reduce the amount of mail that gets lost you know,” she said. “With the number of stops they make now you know something is being left behind, so I am tickled to death that they are thinking about bringing that back.”

The facility is supposed to be converted by February 2023, according to the document.


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